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Senior Level Systems Engineers

E=CS² – The theory of sustained professional happiness by ECS Solutions.

We are seeking team members that strive for EXCELLENCE (E) achieved through (=) OPEN COMMUNICATION (C) and SUPERIOR SERVICE (S²) to our customers.

ECS is a vibrant, growing, company that provides engineered solutions to batch manufacturers and process industries, that seeks excellence every day. We are guided by the principles of excellence in all we undertake and trust that we both earn and extend to others. Our employees are excellent communicators that continuously work to provide superior service to all of our customers.


To our employees, we are dedicated to creating an innovative, caring, collaborative, “family-like” environment for everyone on the team. To our current and potential clients, ECS is dedicated to performance improvement and innovation in batch manufacturing. Our vision of steady, sustainable growth with a diverse customer base is the foundation for making ECS a good place to work.


  • Deliver robust solutions at a wide variety of manufacturing environments
  • Design, develop, testing & implementation control of information applications utilizing new technologies
  • Develop technical specifications for client use
  • Lead the equipment installation and commissioning at client facilities
  • Provide support for projects at client facilities that exceed customers expectations
  • Lead a variety of technical project teams in multiple industries
  • Work with vendors and sub-contractors to provide necessary deliverables
  • Mentor less experienced engineers
  • Prepare and teach technical classes to engineering staff
  • Travel as needed to support customer development, programs and requirements


  • Engineering/Technology/Science B.S. in Electrical or Computer Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science or Manufacturing
  • 5 or more years of work experience in process or industrial controls with the Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical or other process industries
  • Knowledge of cGMP and GAMP.
  • Solid experience required in Rockwell Automation Distributed Control System PlantPAx®, Industrial Communications, Data Historians.
  • Broad knowledge of manufacturing, automation, industrial controls, and information systems
  • High competence with complex systems containing industrial controllers, computers, and networking equipment across multiple platforms and languages
  • Hands-on experience working with batch controls systems and batch management software
  • Experience with Project Management techniques and methodologies
  • DeltaV™ experience is preferable but not required.


  • Methodical problem solving
  • Complex systems design
  • Programming and software development
  • Database design and information management
  • Manage priorities across multiple projects

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