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This is a full-time position and based out of the Corporate Office in Evansville, IN. This is an experienced technician with multiple years of hands-on experience with equipment that is applied on industrial control and information technology in manufacturing environments. Broad knowledge on a variety of control platforms coupled with field experience is required. This individual will perform hands-on electrical work as well as support functions for engineering projects.

Responsibilities & Activities

  • Assist with design, development, testing and implementation for client projects
  • Create and edit control drawings and other technical documentation for use on client projects
  • Assemble, wire, and test control panels and related components in both shop and field settings
  • Provide field service and troubleshooting support for client incident jobs
  • Participate in equipment installation and provide commissioning support for projects at client facilities
  • Interact regularly with project team members throughout the course of the project

Knowledge & Experience

  • Thorough comprehension of electrical, computer, and electronics principles
  • Broad knowledge of process instrumentation, sensors, motor controls, relay theory, industrial networks, and other technology found in manufacturing systems
  • Understanding of industry standards, practices and concepts associated with automation, industrial control, and information systems
  • Experience with programming, configuration, and testing of systems containing industrial controllers, computers, and information technology
  • Capable of editing drawings and completing designs using AutoCad
  • Familiarity with manufacturing processes and industry best practices common in process industries

Key Competencies, Skills & Abilities

  • Electrical and mechanical hands-on skills including wiring, assembly, and use of power tools
  • Manual dexterity, attention to detail and ability to sustain a high level of concentration
  • Ability to understand technology, analyze, troubleshoot & effectively resolve control system problems
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Capacity to work efficiently on multiple assignments with input from others
  • Aptitude to constantly learn and apply new technologies
  • Working knowledge of safety systems and regulations for both machine safety and personnel safety

Education & Qualifications

  • Engineering/Technology A.A.S. Degree in Electrical, Electronics, Computer, or Manufacturing
  • Military training or certification in electrical or computer field in lieu of an A.A.S degree
  • Three or more years of industry experience in maintaining control and information system

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